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Please don't search for a "cheap electrician"

  • David Hogben
  • July 20, 2015
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Researching electricians online

"Cheap electrician" is a widely used search term that people enter into Google when persumably looking for an electrician. We do sincerely hope that we do not appear on a search results page for this term (apart from this blog post of course!), as I would describe our services as neither cheap or expensive. 

In our world, “cheap” usually equates to unqualified, not professional, unreliable and a one man band trading from home. Of course there are many good electricians who trade from home but the majority can’t be good and cheap and if they are, they certainly won’t last long in the UK market.

Cheap does not mean value

The costs associated with being a professional company are enormous, so to tick all the boxes, which include belonging to a good trade organisation such as the NICEIC, several Health and Safety organisations, public liability insurances, having the correct and up to date training etc. all add up. To pay for these necessities an electrician has to make a good profit, so if he is cheap, a client has to ask “do they trade correctly and professionally?".

Cheap electrician could mean dangerous

If not, they may be about to gamble with the potentially deadly commodity of electricity. Using a poor electrician can cost you a lot more than meets the eye. I have read in the trade press of the fatalities and fires created by poor electricians. We understand that people are looking for value for their money, but in our industry cheap ahead of value can be dangerous. 

Search for a NICEIC registered electrician

All we ask is that people search for "NICEIC registered electrician". For a start you know they must be professional and they must be insured as these facts are checked by the NICEIC. Then if you do have a problem with an NICEIC electrician they will guarantee the faulty workmanship is corrected at no cost to the client. That’s peace of mind surely to UK customers?

Sky Electrical is a member of the NICEIC and should you require any further information we would be delighted to talk you through your options. You can call us on 020 8894 1799 or email info@skyelectrical.co.uk

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