Garden Lighting Tips

Lighting a garden is an art in itself and is personal to both taste and surroundings. Outdoor lighting is meant to bring your garden to life by accentuating its best features. Landscape lighting designers will agree that the most common design fault is over-illuminating your house and creating too much light contrast in the garden. Having spent many years installing garden lighting in South West London, we’d like to share some of our best landscape lighting tips and recommendations.

Entrance lined with trees and lights

Landscape Lighting Design Techniques

The positioning of LED spotlights can bring your garden to life in a number of ways. You can wash trees in a warm glow by positioning lamps at the base, or place lamps behind a feature plant to create a night-time silhouette. Accent lighting is used to highlight focal points or features by angling uplights and downlights in strategic positions. We have embarked on many garden lighting design projects, but this project for a client based in Cobham was one of the largest and most ambitious – it’s worth a read for inspiration!

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Deck lights and pond lights
Garden tree lights

LED Garden Lighting

LED garden lighting is 80% more energy-efficient and delivers much longer lamp life than traditional halogen fittings. The lamps can last up to 50,000 hours – which is over 10 years – running at 12 hours per day, virtually maintenance-free. Over the last year we have installed over 1,500 LED outdoor lights, helping bring gardens to life in South West London for less. We are offering a 10% discount on all garden lighting orders - quote Garden16 today for your discount.