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PAT Testing

Duty of care for Employers and Landlords Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the process of inspection and testing of electrical equipment and appliances to make sure they are safe in use. - [more]

House Rewire

Do I need to change my old fuse board? At Sky Electrical this is probably a question we are asked every day and in short when it comes to house rewires there is no easy answer. Your fuse board was more than likely installed to comply with the IEE regulations appropriate and in force at the time of installation. - [more]

Security Lighting

Security Lighting is without doubt one of the most effective preventative security measures you can use to protect your property at night. For many years the choice was to use lights that although relatively cheap to run could not be used in conjunction with movement sensors. - [more]

Rewiring A House ?

At Sky Electrical we are frequently asked whether a house needs rewiring. The question is often prompted when someone is contemplating buying a property and the valuation has suggested getting an electrical inspection or perhaps one of the energy companies has sent a flyer showing a picture of an old fusebox. - [more]

Emergency Lights

Twickenham based electrical contractors Sky Electrical maintain many emergency lights in schools, offices and residential blocks throughout London. The installation and maintenance of a minimum level of emergency lights is a legal requirement following a Fire Risk Assessment according to The Fire Precaution (Workplace) Regulations 1997, in all places of work in the UK. - [more]

LED Lighting

New advances in LED lighting allow Twickenham based Sky Electrical to provide the perfect solution to drastically cut energy and maintenance issues within car showrooms. Lighting in a showroom is without doubt one of the most essential details to get right in displaying cars new and old to potential customers. Whilst many showrooms illuminate exterior - [more]

Who does your electrician work for?

Selecting an electrician to work in your area, whether it is Twickenham, Cobham, Richmond or Esher, is not always as straightforward as it may appear and may contain pitfalls for the unwary. A Google or Yell search for an electrical contractor in your locality can display any number of contenders but are they really local? - [more]

LED Garden Lighting

LED Garden lighting in Twickenham, Richmond Cobham and Esher has become a fantastic market for Sky Electrical Ltd, your local electrical contractor. We have recently switched to using primarily LED technology in all the lights we use eradicating many of the issues of old garden lighting systems. The new LED technology reduces energy consumption drastically - [more]

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