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Picking a qualified Electrician

Having had the benefit of running a successful electrical contracting business for many years and employing qualified electricians, I am often wondering what a client looks for when selecting a qualified electrician and tradesman. How can we stand out among all the competition is my biggest conundrum? - [more]

I have lost power and lights and the RCD on my consumer unit won’t reset

Reading the next few lines might well save you the cost of calling out an electrician. An RCD unlike, a circuit breaker, detects very small electrical currents running down to earth. That could mean a faulty appliance or a wiring fault or worst still, but unlikely someone is getting an electric shock. - [more]

Time to switch to LED Lighting?

With a stunning 80% energy saving LED lamps are the must-have energy saver in your home. Although LED lighting technology has been available for some years now they have now perfected them to the point where we can match the colour of your existing lights whilst still offering, the same light intensity. The latest LED - [more]

Landlord Testing

When it comes to landlord testing every landlord must be so confused as to what Health and Safety legislation he has to comply with when letting a property with regard to the existing confusing Electrical Regulations. The purpose of this blog is to try to give those landlords some common sense advice on landlord testing - [more]

Trade Checking websites

You can’t help but notice the amount of trade checking web sites that have appeared in the last few years. Some have enough budget to even advertise on TV. As an electrical company we have researched whether the benefits of joining them are worth it to us but also does it benefit our potential clients. - [more]

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