Save up to 80% of your lighting energy costs and improve your light.

One of the largest costs incurred running warehouses, factories and other similar facilities is providing lighting, since such premises seldom have much natural light, particularly in winter.

Before and After LED lights added

Brighten up your workplace

Historically, these premises were illuminated by high bay or fluorescent lighting both of which generally are inefficient, have poor colour rendition and are expensive to run and maintain.

Now however, the new LED lighting solutions available are much more efficient than the old discharge lights, provide better light, lower running costs and much reduced maintenance. Energy savings are around 50% to 60% and can rise to 80% in certain cases, depending on what type of light is being replaced.

How we can help

Sky Electrical offer a full design and installation service offering the latest LED solutions which are installed using our own high level access equipment and qualified installers. Typical warranty periods are up to 5 years, so that is 5 years at least without any maintenance.

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Fitting LED roof lights