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June 13, 2015 - By timlaight

Electrical surveys for commerical tenants 

Finding your new commercial business space in London is a very exciting time for any business, before signing on the dotted line you would have had a building surveyor check the building. In his report he will no doubt recommend you have an electrical survey. The latest testing surveys are called Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).The report is important and will provide very basic information on whether or not the circuits that are installed are safe and comply with the latest IEE regulations. 

This is really important and before you sign a full repairing lease, especially with older buildings you really need to know that the electrical equipment already installed will last the term of your lease and that it complies with the latest standards. You can be sure your landlord will be requesting you hand the building back to comply with the latest standards, so why do tenants miss this critical information? The answer probably gets lost in the excitement to get in to the new space and start running your business.

The importance of a thorough electrical survey

A recent survey carried out by Sky Electrical Ltd, using our commercial electrical service, which was based on the visual observations of one of our senior electricians with over 20 years of experience discovered that both the emergency lighting system and fire alarm system did not comply with the latest British Standards.Moreover all the batteries in every light had to be replaced. The rectification works amounted to over £5000.00. Fortunately the tenant was able to negotiate a period of rent free accommodation to cover these costs.

Our electrician then made the client aware that the existing 80 no high bay lights in the warehouse would not last the term of the ten year lease and that LED  lights would be 60% cheaper to operate. Just this single piece of information resulted in our client being able to renegotiate his rent to allow for the installation of the new LED lights over a 2 year period. A massive saving in end of tenancy costs, and fantastic savings in running costs could now be achieved.

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David Hogben : MD Sky Electrical Ltd.


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