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June 16, 2014 - By timlaight

Getting switched on with Sky Electrical

  • "Get switched on with Sky Electrical" and do your bit for the environment!
  • The Mercedes Benz Smart ED accelerates from zero to 37 mph in just 4.8 seconds.
  • Vehicle runs 100% on electricity - therefore no exhausts or CO2 emissions.
  • Driving a 62 mile journey on electricity will cost no more than £2.00! In comparison, to a diesel car that will cost you £7.40 and £8.70 in environment-polluting petrol.
  • The battery can go from empty to full when charged for seven hours.

What’s more appropriate for an electrician to get around in than an electric car?

The Mercedes Benz Smart ForTwo Electric Drive (Smart ED) has been added to Sky Electrical’s car fleet. Small and agile with full, instant torque, the Smart ED is perfect for scooting around the city and fits into the tiniest parking spaces; which means we can zip through London traffic and get to your electrical emergency quicker. Reaching a top speed of 78 mph, the Mercedes Benz Smart ED accelerates from zero to 37 mph in just 4.8 seconds, and driving on 100% electricity, no CO2 is emitted whatsoever making it very eco-friendly.

How it works

Fitting snugly in the back of the car is the Smart ED’s lightweight electric motor - which also doubles up as a generator. It works by using magnetic force and electric permanent polarity change to generate kinetic energy whilst also converting surplus energy from deceleration and braking into electrical power, which then flows back into the battery. A very smart car indeed.

The Smart ED can be plugged into any socket, and in just seven hours the battery can go from empty to full - plus, it even connects to your smartphone, tablet or PC to notify you by e-mail or Twitter when fully charged! Not only that, but you can also remotely pre-plan journeys taking the current state of charge and vehicle range into account and activate the pre-entry climate controls.

Tiny running costs

One of the most impressive features of the Smart ED is how cheap it is to keep it up and running. The battery-powered car consumes 15.1 or 14.4 kWh per 62 miles (depending on whether the battery is recharged at a domestic socket or a fast-charging Wallbox charger), and the price of electricity being about 13 pence per kilowatt-hour, will mean that a 62 mile journey will cost no more than £2.00! In comparison, this distance in a similar sized car on diesel will set you back £7.40 and £8.70 in environment-polluting petrol - go figure.

And that's not all.

What's more, the Smart ED is free from car tax and the Congestion Charge and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike a regular combustion engine, the Smart ED’s electric motor only consists of a few parts that don't get worn out so easily. With no need to change the oil, replace spark plugs, toothed belts of belt pulleys, repair and maintenance costs are also kept small.

So now, do you want to see the Smart ED in action?

We can help you do your bit for the environment - and save you some pennies in the long run - by providing you with energy-saving solutions, such as replacing your light bulbs for LED lights. Whether you're looking for a quick electrical inspection or full-on installation, give us a call at Sky Electrical today on 020 8894 1799 for advice and a free quote.

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