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Lighting Services and the radical changes to our Industry

October 11, 2014 - By timlaight

It’s difficult to keep up with the changes in our lighting installation industry at the moment. In over 28 years in electrical services I have never seen such radical changes to lighting services and lighting installation as a trade. 

People are spurred on by the need to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the energy we consume each day. Every trade show I go to, I see new technology and improvements to existing light sources, but up until now the cost has been prohibitive.

As fuel prices increase, using new high efficiency lighting becomes more realistic. At last this new technology in particular high frequency and LED light sources have become cheaper to purchase. As a result we are now seeing ROI times below one year.That means after your initial investment, in twelve months you are saving money every day, day in day out.

This is very attractive to our commercial customers but now we are seeing householders heavily investing in energy efficient lights - many of which can reduce the energy used by a staggering 80%. There are not too many offers in other industries that can offer those sorts of savings.

David Hogben; Managing Director SKY Electrical Ltd

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