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Part P and how it affects your home

Part P was introduced in January 2005 and it is the specific section of the Building Regulations for England and Wales that relates to electrical installations in residential properties and Sky Electrical has been Part P registered and Qualified richmond electrician from the very beginning of the scheme. - [more]

Why Consider New School Lights

Improving classroom lighting might not be top of the list for busy school administrative staff, however if your school lighting fittings are older than six years it ought to be popped on the “to-do” list. - [more]

Please don't search for a "cheap electrician"

"Cheap electrician" is a widely used search term that people enter into Google when persumably looking for an electrician. We do sincerely hope that we do not appear on a search results page for this term (apart from this blog post of course!), as I would describe our services as neither cheap or expensive. - [more]

Office Lighting And Reducing Office Lighting Costs

Although there is no legal requirement around office lighting, health and safety regulations do demand sufficient and suitable lighting to be provided. - [more]

Commercial Electrical Service London

Should I carry out an electrical survey on my new commercial building? Finding your new commercial business space in London is a very exciting time for any business, before signing on the dotted line you would have had a building surveyor check the building. - [more]

LED Lighting to Reduce Office Energy Bills

The cost of energy is rising whilst simultaneously offices are consuming more energy than ever before. Greater energy efficiency has never been so important for offices around the country. LED lighting is 80% more energy-efficient and delivers much longer lamp life than old fluorescent lighting. The lamps can last up to 50,000 hours – which is over 10 years – running at 12 hours per day, virtually maintenance-free. - [more]

Lighting Services and the radical changes to our Industry

It’s difficult to keep up with the changes in our lighting installation industry at the moment. In over 30 years in electrical services I have never seen such radical changes to lighting services and lighting installation as a trade. People are spurred on by the need to reduce Carbon Emissions and reduce the energy we consume - [more]

Sky Electrical Electric Car Fleet

“Get switched on with Sky Electrical” and do your bit for the environment! The Mercedes Benz Smart ED accelerates from zero to 37 mph in just 4.8 seconds. Vehicle runs 100% on electricity – therefore no exhausts or CO2 emissions. Driving a 62 mile journey on electricity will cost no more than £2.00. - [more]

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