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Teenagers Turn Off The Lights

How can I get my teenagers to turn off their bedroom lights? As a father of two teenagers, and an electrician in Richmond, even I struggle trying to get the message across to my kids. So much so, I have considered putting in movement sensors - but that has lots of drawbacks. - [more]

Do I need a House Rewire?

Electrical installations are a relatively new factor of life in Britain. The first homes had lighting installed at the start of the 20th century in 1905.It was until the period between the first and second world wars that it became commonplace to install wiring in every new house. - [more]

How To Replace And Fix A Fuse

Some time or another we all have to deal with a blown fuse and it is very common to hear someone say: "I might not know much about electrics but I do know how to change a fuse". Well, that may well be a true statement in most cases but it does not take into - [more]

Why Should I Use an Electrician to Install the Electrics In My Home?

Having been a self-employed electrician for 20 years and now running a team of a dozen electricians I have been on both sides of the fence. Looking back to the time when I ran my business from a van it’s hard to understand how I would run a one-man operation these days. - [more]

Reducing Company Energy Costs

The Carbon Trust (the Governments portal for energy efficiency) has just voted the installation of energy efficient lighting the top green technology investment a company can make. - [more]

School Electrician London

Over the years, our school Richmond electricians have been getting an increasing number of calls, particularly from schools in London , which are concerned with overheating and blowing main fuses. These situations are more often than not caused by overloading of the main supply because as time passes, schools and businesses have increased their power. - [more]

Commercial Electrician & Monitoring Power Consumption In Installations

Monitoring power consumption in schools, commercial and industrial installations. The problem of overloading an commercial electrical system can have a serious impact on the running of any institution but many businesses simply have no idea whether they are heading for trouble or if they are in fact in a safe position. - [more]

Picking A Good Electrical Contractor Surrey

Working as an electrician in Richmond is a real privilege for our company Sky Electrical Ltd. Having worked throughout the entire UK over many years in the commercial electrician and residential electrician markets, Surrey is without doubt the most interesting and diverse working environment. - [more]

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